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AH Clothing Co., we with Enormous Pride introduce ourselves as AH Clothing an ethnic wear brand one of the leading original manufacturers of a leading Consumer. HANDCRAFTED CLOTHES. "Northwestern Uttar Pradesh is a land fabled with its traditional craftsmanship.AH Clothing CO. has finely utilized this craftsmanship in our Apparel." AH, clothing’s love for Handwork makes her travel deep inside remote villages to meet hundreds of elderly women artisans to find out how the art's declination happened and what could be done to bring back its lost glory. This unique art is being passed down through generations and it involves an utmost labor-intensive process as each needs to use their bare hands to weave the intricate stitches. Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. PATHANI AND KURTA Our pathani reflects the traditional pattern of KHAN SUIT , which comprises Kurta and Shalwar with Huge Ghera in Ultra Soft Fabric and Flurry Fabric . Our Kurtas has Intricate Designs on them made in Soft fabric for Occasional and Daily wear. POETRY ON CLOTHES Clothes can be much more than just what we wear.AH Clothing Co has come with the concept of poetry on clothes , where clothes appear more than of us that we put on, and it’s narrates the emotions with out voice. Our Products - Poetry on cloths, Shalwar kameez / Pathani, Khadi kurta, Designer Kurta, Nakhuni handcrafted kurta, Kaliyon wala kurta, Hand stitched, Applique work, kurta handcrafted, Cutwork kurta handcrafted, Aligarh style Pajama and Pant Cut Pyjama, Stoles and Shawls.
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